Mercedes SK Forestry Truck V 1.0
Description: Today NBM presents – MODDING the Mercedes Benz SK forest. Have fun with the mod! Current Bugs 1.0: Light...
MAN 18540 Truck v 2.0
Description: Choice of color when buying, lighting, speedometer, tachometer, mirrors, wheeled dust, road tracks clean....
KRAZ 5133 Truck V1.0
ZIL 130 Truck v 1.1
Description: Speed 90 km / h. Lighting fixtures. Opening doors, hood and roof hatches. Manual ignition, handbrake,...
IFA 60 TRUCK v 1.0
Credits: Max1985 DOWNLOAD
MAZ 5551 TRUCK v 2.0
Description: Oryginal script, tire tracks, dust from wheels, mirrors Credits: 3D Models: xaker_tm, sanya1970 Textures:...
Robur Truck V 2.0
Description: sowing, fertilizer and fuel go Credits: about me DOWNLOAD
Volvo 8×8 Truck V 1.0
Description: Reconstruction of the amended from me 5achs tractor. Credits: Ombelis BJM Smitty1203 DOWNLOAD ShareMods
MAZ 5516 Truck V1.0
Description: 400 hp, 61 km / h. Lighting, speedometer, tachometer, fuel, wheeled dust, road tracks. Credits: JAWA,...