News about LS2015 game

Whell there isn’t jet confirmed that the game in 2015 will come, but there were some major leaks in last days. Here is a link on facebook.

I guess you are wondering – why dont they tell us if the 2015 will come? Whell, the Farming Simulator 2013 is stil fresh and they want us to play this game. The reason is, that the LS2011 is stil played alot and they want to make every $ from 2013 that they can.

And also there is mobile and tablet version of Farming Simulator called 2014.

But that doesn’t matter to us, we know that 2015 will come so we setted up a page with mod’s that you can use in the game – when the game will be released and mods created.

Till than, you can wisit our webpage about mods for Farming Simulator 2013, and enjoy this game.

Owh jea, almost forgot! Like the Facebook page above for more news as well.

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