MTS 82 Turbo

Modification of management:

W, S, A, D – Driving;

Numapd 4.0 – Doors;

Numpad 8 – Rear Window;

Numpad 5 – Roof;

Numpad + – Hood;

Modifications error:

I did not notice if you find e-mail to AM.

Non-hydraulic steering wheel.

When you attach the front loader slightly loose bridge finger.

Mods are:

Recently fitted wheel loader;

Add new group;

Added turbine – LS-6;

The engine is running smoothly nobody rattle, not chatty;

Prevents oil;

Placed new brake pads;

The newly installed in power;

Tire balance: 95%

Dialed with a new group, and only 30 Motohours turbine;

Modified box, and oil pump that would Frontal well;

Added new seat and coated leather;

Mouth wide wheels;


Mods author:

Max1985, Tornado, Nickel77, LSSA, Clondike, MTZ-2l, ANDREI1994

Edit: The instructor.

Modifications assessment (multiple word):

I give you a court orderly functioning and landscaped tractor with front loader. Good use! smile



Additional information:

Price: € 12,800.

Exposure price: 50 €.

Power: 87 hp; kW: 65;


9 gears;

The number of revolutions, rev / min 2200;

Tank capacity: 120 liters;



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