Modfolder manager

This tool will automatically change the path to Modsordner.



You create a profile, specifying a name and a path. This profile is stored in a program restart so this is not lost. (LS15ModfolderConfig.xml in FarmingSimulator2015 folder). This profile can be selected and thus the path is changed to Modsordner. The next time the LS then so is the Modsordner that was specified in the profile taken.

You can also start the LS also use this tool. 🙂

In the “Settings” tab, the language (currently only English & German) and the path to the installation directory (for example, if the Steam version is installed) to be changed.




I just noticed that the custom path is not saved to the LS installation directory. But since (I think) not many will have the Steam version is then fixed in the next version.



This tool is the successor of modfolder switcher, but this was programmed from scratch here.


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Enthusiast of Farming Simulator game series and owner of websites for Farming Simulator 2015 mods. Visit my website and get some free and new mods for your game.

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