Make money fast

In this tutorial I will show also how to make money fast in Bjorn Holm.

Quick Money in Bjorn Holm [without cheating]

First need:
     wheel loader with Poltergabel,
     and even a chainsaw.
In the chainsaws I also recommend the Jonsered as these, the trees with the
can saw down broader strains.
Now you are driving with the wheel loader and Poltergabel to the sawmill.
In the sawmill is a small lake and therefore are trees.
Now sawed the trees then to gradually if you too many at once umsägt it could be
that these chipping in each other and you can not lift the loader.
It is best if its the trees the umsägt are closest to the lake as you
otherwise this later in the way.
With CTRL you can bend over and saw off the tree trunks down and then not bother if you
already several sawed off.
Now you attack the tree trunks with the wheel loader and draws in the lake (or throws).
And for that you get a lot of money.
All tree species take different amounts of money.
It may also be that you get at the money one day later for the same tree as
on other days.

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