Factory for fertilizer feed diesel

Hello, I offer here my little round factory near.

The placement of the “enhancedplace” Mod of Marhu is recommended! Use the “X” button you can switch off and place the factory’s Kolle Sion! For this, the UPK (UniversalProcessKit) is used, both available on Modhoster! For transportation of fertilizer I recommend the Barntner XL Ülw of Rosenthaler! Questions such as eg. “I can not place” or “I can not buy it” are ignored, the if you are too lazy to read this, the can / I do not want to help!


This factory produces its energy, fertilizer, feed, seed and fuel can (Diesel) produce

In the Screenshot’s an image has been added where you can see where the action is to be found!

The possibilities


Product 1:

Produce Fuel -> fuel can be sold or are themselves Uses

Requires rape


Product 2:

Power generation with silage and manure -> Money

Requires silage and manure


Product 3:

Power generation with slurry and manure -> Money and fertilizer

Requires manure and slurry


Product 4:

Producing fertilizer with manure and manure -> Fertilizers and money: fertilizer can be sold at the sale, or you can consume in itself

Requires manure and slurry


Product 5:

Feed production

Requires hay or grass – Silage – Straw


Product 6:

System with water cooling -> Money

Requires water


New Product:

Product 7:

Seed production – Can be Sold or herself Consume

Requires water – wheat or corn – fertilizer


Changes in version 1.2

Diesel price was adjusted, it costs only € 0.009 previously € 1

Manure removal is completely eliminated (it has enough anyway)

Seeds can now put the old manure removal are removed and either be sold to the point of sale you fill your seeder so on!

Changes in version 1.3

Ball shredder for all possible Balen

Map icons for added Golden Abladesymbol for the factory and the tank icon for the point of sale

Seed can now be sold also at the point of sale

The system runs only on 6-20Uhr, except the energy is 24hrs is active

Diesel is now as good as free (€ 0.0009)

Changed from once a minute to Hourly production

DOWNLOAD LINK http://uploaded.net/file/f1dn8f2c

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