Convert From LS 2013 To LS 2015 Tutorial V 1.0

A little tutorial times everything he needs in order to convert a Mod from the LS 2013 LS 15.

In this video I show you the basics, it takes about a Mod from the LS 2013 LS 2015 convert the example of the Amazone UX 5200th

IMPORTANT: If you try all the vehicles, they may be in store 95% do not buy, because you still have to convert the shader. How this works but knows at the moment and there is almost no one generally very few info so far to do so. I will make an additional video and link it here, if this is also known.

This tutorial will help especially beginners who want to convert complex mods, which helps this tutorial unfortunately only conditionally on.

It is important to know that not all mods does the same, but depending on how complex the mod is relatively difficult or may not be possible also to convert him.

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